Special Sections

The Times-Tribune runs special advertising sections or promotions several times per year that may be of special interest to advertisers. Promotions include:
Back to School (second week of August)
Elections (end of October, early November)
Fire Prevention Week (first or second week of October)
New Year's (Thursday before New Year's)
St. Patrick's Day (featuring bars, restaurants)
Triad High School (graduation, second or third Thursday in May)
Valentines Day (featuring bars, restaurants, florists, jewelry stores)
Police Week (first or second week of May)
Easter (restaurants)
Cheerleaders (state competition, end of January, early February)
Dance Teams (state competition, end of February of earlier)
Homecomings (Troy, Maryville, St. Jacob, Marine)
Please call us at 618-667-3111 if you would like to place an ad in any of these special issues.